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Coronavirus advice and statement

University students and staff

University students and staff should visit MyGlos and Staffnet for the latest advice relating to COVID-19:

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MyGlos: COVID-19 advice for current students (login required)

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Applicants: FAQs and guidance for students starting in 2021

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Staffnet: COVID-19 advice for staff (login required)

??University Public Statement???

Updated 9 August 2021

We are making plans for the new academic year based on the Government’s roadmap to end lockdown. This includes students being on campus to take part in face to face teaching and learning activities, using our extensive specialist facilities, accessing support and wellbeing services in person, and enjoying social activities with classmates and housemates. All of these plans dependent of course on any Government restrictions that may be in force at the time to prevent further transmission of Coronavirus.

We are proud that, since the pandemic started, our students and staff have supported each other, have looked after each other, and have behaved responsibly throughout in helping the University to operate safely. We want to maintain that approach, all working together to keep everyone in our community safe.

The vast majority of our scheduled teaching and learning activities will be in person on campus.

We are planning to provide lots of campus-based, face to face activities, because we know that our students learn best, and enjoy their experience more, when they can be together and with their tutors. We pride ourselves on having a strong sense of community and belonging here at the University of Gloucestershire.

While we do have some specialist blended learning programmes (which are advertised as such), the majority of our students will be on campus for the vast majority, if not all, of their learning activities.

Because of what we have learned in the pandemic, and the need to remain flexible, our plans include making continuing use of some of the online tools we’ve developed over the last 18 months. The University has a very good technology platform, and our staff have developed tools and techniques to use this to provide students with the best learning experience we possibly can. We are also working with the Students’ Union to put on a full programme of social and community activities. Our wide range of clubs and societies will be running, including our many sports teams.

On average, 94% of teaching will be face to face in the first semester. Any scheduled online learning activities will be specifically those where technology improves the experience, or where we can provide students with exciting opportunities such as guest speakers or demonstrations.

For those preparing to move to University in the autumn, we are doing everything we can in our planning to ensure an enjoyable, high quality, and rewarding experience here at the University of Gloucestershire. Our goal is to support our new arrivals to settle in, enjoy themselves, learn well, achieve lots, develop their potential, make friends, have great new experiences, and gain a qualification that enables them to achieve their ambitions.

It is too early to say whether the rules in place today will be the same rules in place in September, but we will continue to closely follow the guidance, and will provide firm updates to students and staff via MyGlos and Staffnet as we move through the summer weeks.

All students will be asked to take part in regular asymptomatic testing. More details of this can be found on MyGlos.

New and returning students should check MyGlos regularly. We will use MyGlos to share resources and information, including timetables, some new study skills materials, any required coronavirus-related arrangements, and details of any social activities taking place in the new academic year.